I, Me and Myself

My name is Ruchi Shrimali. I have been writing since I was 8 years old and that was a good many years ago. Since, I am not going to declare my age, even to my good friends, I can’t really say how long I have been writing.

By the way, I am married now to one Amit and I have a two year old daughter Izumi. We three are a rocking group and celebrate every minute of our day with love and smile. Hope you will also join our huge group of friends and laugh with us.

I am a really good Agony Aunt too. So, any of you who want to share and discuss their problems with us, you are welcome here. Just remember, I am Ms Alright, so don’t be naughty and do not forget your manners when you are talking to a lady. Hope to see a comment from you soon. Ta-Dah!


4 Responses to “I, Me and Myself”

  1. Cool blog. Keep it up. 🙂

  2. I really wanted to confirm this statement from “Radha Krishna – The Eternal Love Story”—— “Krishna and Radha are a divine pair depicting eternal love. One of the rare things is that the couple was not married. In fact, Radha was married to Adhirath.” can you name the abstracts from you read it.

    • Actually, my knowledge is mostly based on whatever I have heard from Pandits and stories narrated by my grandmother. But your comment got me thinking. You are right. I have no proof. I did a bit of internet research and only instance of Radha Adhirath that I could find was the couple who adopted Karna. By the way, I vaguely remember a serial episode where Krishna displayed himself as Adhirath to Radha to console her and make her realize that He is always near her. In case, I find a proof, I will definitely let you know. Thanks.

  3. hey where du stay?, m frm london

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